Target Groups

The first question for a successful communication strategy is the audience. Given the topics in the project SALVERE we have two main groups as target audience in focus (public oriented and practitioners) and, as a third group, to a lesser extent scientists. In the list below are the target groups are shown in greater detail.

  • Public oriented

·         local and regional authorities

·         policy makers

·         public bodies

·         NGOs

  • Practitioners

·         farmers

·         consultants and technicians in the field of agriculture

  • Scientists

This classification has to be handled flexible in regard to the different partner countries and their respective structures and administrative bodies. Additionally, within those (sub) groups there are different types of people who have different attitudes and possibilities. So, it is possible to define/refine the above mentioned broader definitions. Our “perfect” targets are for example:

  •  a young, well educated and trained, innovative farmer owning a small to medium sized farm
  • an innovative but not too big consultancy or company working in the field of seed production (SME)
  • representatives of local or regional nature conservation or agricultural authorities