Welcome to SALVERE

The SALVERE Team says GOOD BYE! Thank you very much to all.

The project is done and all tasks are fullfilled. If you need any information please contact the Partner in your country or order one of the books below. In the Download section is also a lot of interessting information about the project available and free.


Italy: Michele Scotton - michele.scotton@unipd.it

Austria: Bernhard Krautzer - bernhard.krautzer@raumberg-gumpenstein.at

Germany: Anita Kirmer - a.kirmer@loel.hs-anhalt.de

Czech Republic: Sevcikova Magdalena - chovancikova@oseva.cz

Slovak: Miriam Kizekova - kizekova@vutphp.sk

Poland: Piotr Golinski - pgolinsk@up.poznan.pl

Romania: Andrei Ploiesteanu - https://www.hidrosep.com/

SALVERE Handbook

The SALVERE Handbook, the Guidelines and the Native Plant Certificate are out now in English, German, Slovak, Czech and Italian!!!



Praktyczny podręcznik zbioru nasion i ekologicznego odtwarzania bogatych florystycznie łąk
edited by: Michele Scotton, Barbara Golińska, Piotr Goliński, Anita Kirmer, Bernhard Krautzer, 131 pages
ISBN: 978-83-89250-82-7

Large version of cover


Practical handbook for seed harvest and ecological restoration of species-rich grasslands
edited by: Michele Scotton, Anita Kirmer and Bernhard Krautzer, 124 pages
ISBN: 978-88-6129-800-2
See Table of Contents

Large version of cover


Praxishandbuch zur Samengewinnung und Renaturierung von artenreichem Grünland
edited by: Anita Kirmer, Bernhard Krautzer, Michele Scotton und Sabine Tischew , 221 pages
ISBN: 978-3-902559-70-8
See Table of Contents

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Book Review from Prof. Florin Florineth, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna


Praktická příručka pro ekologickou obnovu travních porostů
edited by: Michele Scotton, Anita Kirmer und Bernhard Krautzer, 128 pages
ISBN: 978-80-903444-8-8

Large version of cover


Prakti cká príručka pre zber semien a ekologickú obnovu druhovo bohatých trávnych porastov
edited by: Michele Scotton, Anita Kirmer und Bernhard Krautzer, 139 pages
ISBN: 978-80-89417-33-9

Large version of cover


Manuale pratico per la raccolta di seme e il restauro ecologico delle praterie ricche di specie
edited by: Michele Scotton, Anita Kirmer und Bernhard Krautzer,
ISBN: 978-88-61298-76-7

Large version of cover