St. Veit

St. Veit/Glan is 10 km north located of Klagenfurt at an altitude of 470 m, at the roadside embankment of the dual carriageway exit constructed in 2004. Lots at the site were cultivated with differing seed mixtures and application techniques. In differing variants, the restoration of embankments is demonstrated with top soil covers of various depths, to raw soil. The trial sites for the restoration of roadside embankments, with a site-specific seed mixture and the practice- adapted application technique is to show the latest level of knowledge. There are two separate trials:

Trial 1 comparisons between seed mixtures, application technique and site preparation

Variants 1 2 3 4 5 6+7
Area 270 m² 283,5 m² 268,5 m² 223,66 m² 224,25 m² 224,25 m²
Seedmixture  commercial  site specific site specific site specific commercial commercial
Seed application rate 15 g/m² 10 g/m² 10 g/m² 10 g/m² 15 g/m² 15 g/m²
Application technique no top soil, black-green hydroseeding  no top soil, black-green hydroseeding  5 cm top soil, hydroseeding 10 cm top soil, hydroseeding 10 cm top soil, hydroseeding 10 cm top soil,          hydroseeding


Setup of trial 1, Total area of trial site: 1 270 m²

St. Veit 2006 

Trial 2 comparison of practical methods and a standard with an improved commercial seed mixture

  • Preparation: The embankment has a thin (about  5 cm) humus layer
  • Application technique: Hydroseeding



CellugrĂĽn (cellulose fibers)

15 - 20 g/m²

Proterra 2000 (glue)

5 g/m²

„Vollkorn Gelb“ (mineral fertilizer: 15% N, 15% P2O5 and 15% K2O)

20 g/m²

Recuform (slow-acting fertilizer: 38% N)

10 g/m²

chopped straw

500 g/m²

Bitumen emulsion Water : Bitumen

70:30; 0,7 l/m²


Setup of trial 2: Total area of trial site is about 3 400 m²

St. Veit 2005St. Veit 2006St. Veit 2007