Highway embankment

Traditional soil cover for embankments is usage of poor in species seed mixtures consisting of different grass cultivars and a few legumes.  Demonstration set up near Gluponie (Wielkoplska region) is one of the first trials in Poland which are an answer to landscape as well as nature conservation needs. The aim of this experiment are studies on biodiversity improvement of grass communities using native propagation material for establishment of new high nature value areas. The trail was established in August 2009 by one of SALVERE  project partners – Poznan University of Life Sciences (PULS), on the basis of material taken from rich species meadow of Arrhenatherion type. Material used in the demonstration came from three different methods of harvesting (green Hay (GH), On-site-threshing (OST), Seed stripper (SS)).

Picture above shows placement of demonstration trial on the highway embankment. Material coming from each method of harvest was spread on the proper plot, as shown on the diagram below:

The main interest in the experiment is focused on the botanical composition of newly established area in relation to donor grassland and especially in relation to ten target species:


Legumes & Forbs:

Arrhenatherum elatius

Trifolium pratense

Holcus lanatus

Medicago lupulina

Avenastrum pubescens

Rhinanthus serotinus

Dactylis glomerata

Daucus carota

Phleum pretense

Achillea millefolium

Demonstration site in August 2009Demonstration site in September 2009